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September 23, 2011 in Communication, Leadership, NPD

‘Great’ Idea?

The marketing campaign backed by David Cameron to put the ‘Great’ back into Great Britain, plans to send out a positive message about the UK during the lead up to the 2012 Olympics. The PM, speaking of the launch, hopes that the GREAT campaign will attract an extra four million visitors to the country next year:

“In 2012 there will only be one place to be. There are so many great things about Britain and we want to send out the message that this is a great place to do business, to invest, to study and to visit”

A month ago, the world caught a glimpse of ‘broken Britain’ (Dave’s words, not mine) as a result of the anarchic havoc brought on by the national riots, prompting Newsweek, the influential American magazine, to dub Britain “Grimsville UK”. The speed and ferocity with which the riot images travelled to every corner of the global online community surely raises questions though; how effective is traditional advertising when counteracted with negative social media? Is it worth spending over 100 million pounds on an initiative that no one notices or worse, believes?

Music is Great Britain

The campaign firstly will be seen mainly on TV, in an age where consumers have every tool available to pick and choose what to watch and when to switch off. It will have to fight with cut-throat online comments posted by cynical viewers, and will have no formal way of measuring the conversion of viewers to tourists. On top of this, the campaign will have to battle the ‘broken Britain’ message that has enabled the world to see a completely different reality of the UK in recent months.

For a message to be effective, finding the right mix of channels to satisfy how customers want to be reached is crucial in bringing a value proposition to market. When this has been found, the natural cynicism felt by todays empowered consumers has to be overcome, and in this case the way to do this might just be achieved using some basic Great British human emotions understood by all; honesty and humour.

You can visit the campaign at

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  1. Britain is probably one of the best places to live.

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