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November 16, 2011 in Communication, News, Transformation

A Message from the Chair Monkey

6 years ago when Cheeky Monkey was born they took a different approach to delivering change. It was a different concept and they didn’t know how that would be accepted.

The last 6 years have been challenging because they have stuck to their guns and not compromised what they believed in.

Now Cheeky Monkey are ready to make another step change to take their approach forward by connecting to even more people with the launch of the first Cheeky Monkey book and this new website.

People will use the book and this site to enhance their business, if you haven’t bought it yet get out and do so for no other reason than I feature in it!

A challenging 6 years, a step change and now an invitation to Connect.

Thanks and congratulations to all those who have been working on the book and the new site keep being the change you want to see (my friend, Ghandi).

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