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January 17, 2012 in Economy, Innovation, Leadership, Motivation

Are you a budding Entrepreneur? Make tomorrows headlines about you!

I think Nick Clegg has possibly lost the plot! Yesterday he spoke out about introducing a universal right for employees to request shares in the companies they work for – he argued that employee-owned firms tend to perform better, which helps boost growth, and promotes “responsible capitalism”.

“We don’t believe our problem is too much capitalism – we think it’s that too few people have capital” – Nick Clegg

He said, “We don’t believe our problem is too much capitalism – we think it’s that too few people have capital.”

Capital is earned it’s not a right. It involves blood, sweat and fear – I speak from experience. Surely the message to send out is around supporting the British Entrepreneurial Spirit and introducing mechanisms for starting your own business. In a World where all you need is a good product and the social media consumer does the rest for you through free digital channels there has never been a better time to be brave and strive to make a difference to our economy and to yourself.

The business news is depressing – I have been on my usual news websites today to update on the World and what is happening and I’ve been met with:

  • Dixons festive sales fall by 5%
  • Premier Foods to cut 600 staff
  • 11,000 jobs at risk as 2 more British businesses fall into administration

Time for positive press – wouldn’t it be great if these headlines changed to Britain shows the highest increase in new start-up businesses during 2012 or economy strengthened by fearless British entrepreneurs – Don’t fear what is happening to other Companies see it as an opportunity to create your own niche.

Research done by the Insurer Hiscox showed that 17% of all small businesses were formed after the founders had been made redundant and over 50% of new entrepreneurs had simply taken an existing business idea and used it as a template of their own.

Insurantz found that nearly half of all businesses were started with less than £5k of their own capital and for sole traders 40% had only used £1k to set up on their own

It’s time we started taking control and changing the headlines – everyone is in charge of their own destiny, what’s yours?

We are looking to change the headlines by offering limited edition workshop places with Nina on how you can take your idea to market and become tomorrows success story – if you are interested get in touch

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