How can we really engage with the ‘Big Society’?

I read with interest about a new show called ‘Big Society!’ that lampoons David Cameron’s Coalition policies. In an interview with the BBC, the artistic director Rod Dixon, explains some of the motivation for putting the show together.

“It’s not just the Conservatives. I use a very old-fashioned term – it’s the ruling class … Politics has become hollow and bland. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Labour or Conservative, Lib Dem, whatever.” - Rod Dixon, Artistic Director of ‘Big Society!’

No matter how much I try to engage with it, I find it difficult to be enthusiastic about modern politics. Just reading political headlines or watching Question Time irritates me as I am faced with ‘career politicians’ who seem more interested in sniping at their opponents than anything else.

Worse than that is the ‘smoke and mirror’ tactics that they employ; as if any definitive answer that they give is instantly held up as policy.

I don’t think that I am alone in my disillusionment.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if somebody gave a direct response that addressed the question? Or, even better, wouldn’t it be nice to get some evidence that backed it up? Surely, it’s not beyond the realms of imagination to whip out a laptop and say, “Well, I’d love to employ more nurses but this is how much that would cost, and this is how much we actually have coming in and we still have to pay for education and policing and the rest.”

Isn’t it time for a change?

We work with businesses on projects that centralise information to help people make better decisions about their products and services based on facts, rather than on headlines and assumptions. One of the key outcomes of this process is that everybody can be engaged and passionate about the final outcomes.

What if the politicians did the same thing and gave us the facts rather than the headlines so that we could make informed decisions. Doesn’t that sound like a ‘Big Society’ that we could believe in?

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