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January 25, 2012 in Communication, News, PLM

Why is Packaging important? Ask Lana Del Rey’s record company

This week I’ve been doing some training on a PLM system and one of the areas that we cover in the course is “Why is packaging important?”

Weirdly, this reminded me of an article I read in The Guardian over the weekend about the singer Lana Del Rey. She is currently being lauded as a ‘one to watch’ for the next year after some internet hype around her first two singles last year.

Things have not always been this way for Lizzy Grant (LDR’s real name). Her first career as a ‘run of the mill’ singer-songwriter in her own name resulted in an album that did not perform well. Some rebranding with her new pseudonym and a makeover as a “gangster Nancy Sinatra” and her ‘debut’ album is now being waited for with baited breath.

Unfortunately for her, the indie blogosphere that hailed her initial releases are already starting a backlash that her look is contrived and too marketing focussed. Personally, I don’t see the harm in creating an image that will get you attention.

Why are they so surprised? After all, it worked for Madonna and Bowie … even The Beatles had their ‘mop-top’ image to help them get ahead.

Packaging is important. It’s the immediate shelf impact that makes your product stand out above the competition and helps to encourage your customers to keep it on their shelves. So how do you ensure that this vital part of your product is properly developed and managed to protect your brand?

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