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January 26, 2012 in Motivation

The Objective Standpoint- Key to Doing and Delivering?

The constant headlines repeating the ‘alarming’ state of the economy is background noise for us all. The most recent shout-about statistic, the 0.2% drop in GDP, did not, however it was intended, make me more alarmed. It was the crazy way the figure was used as political ammunition by both parties, to undermine the policies/legacies of each other, that I found the most surprising.

A democracy, fair enough, is based on gaining public votes, which is a breeding ground for competition and slanging. But in the midst of this political warfare, where people stop voting because they all seem as bad as each other, are we not in danger of losing the benefits of a democracy? The hunger for votes has blurred the most important boundary- objectivity. It’s an objective viewpoint that provides clarity when deciding what is best for our country. The loss of objectivity and slump into piddly party politics is dangerous territory because it breeds indifference. And an indifferent public is far more dangerous than one who cares.

What, then, of being objective from day to day? Leading a team into something new can make it equally as difficult to remain objective. Emotions run high, resentment grows and people store up their irritations until you’re in the Lion’s den of potentially distorted opinions. Keeping a balance between focussing on the process, delivering the outcomes and bringing people along with you is key to facilitating a project.

It seems that UK politicians aren’t that great at bringing people along- and the in-party fighting makes it a party that no-one wants to go to.

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