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January 31, 2012 in Motivation

Chief hits the headlines!

Whilst reading the news today and deciding what relevant news topic I could blog about I came across an article about Chief Monkey and her book in the Manchester Evening News and thought what better time to do my review!

Luckily us Cheeky Monkeys don’t pull punches so even though I love her this review will be what I think not what I think I should write

I was lucky (?!) enough to be party to the book as it was being written – Nina was a recluse for 6 weeks whilst going into the zone – the only time I saw her was when she came to pick me up to take me for a birthday lunch dressed like she was J.K.Rowling in a flowing skirt and floaty top! The way Nina delivers change in organisations is all about her personality and style so I wasn’t sure how this would translate into a book.

I should have had more faith – as I read the first few chapters it became clear translating personality and style into a book had not been a struggle. I laughed out loud when I read ‘Think about where you are today and where you are trying to go, you are not a muppet use your experience with confidence’ the way it is written makes it easy to read but the lessons and education do not get lost – it just makes it real. It takes you on a logical journey of where you are, where you want to go and how you are going to get there. Sometimes when you think about what you want to achieve the task seems so great it puts you off doing anything at all, the book It breaks it down into bite size chunks with the focus on celebrating success along the way and making it manageable, tangible and achievable

Think about where you are today and where you are trying to go, you are not a muppet use your experience with confidence

There are tools to use under ‘science’ and real life case studies with people who have been there and done it which brings more human experience to the transformation journey.

The only concern I would have is the success we achieve in Cheeky Monkey comes by integrating ‘science’ and ‘magic’ and ‘magic’ is difficult to teach. If you execute the science without key skills such as having the courage of your convictions, the ability to keep a level head even if you have lost track, listening, being honest and many other key competencies then you complete an exercise and not only achieve nothing but risk people questioning your focus or ability. The book can offer direction in what you should be doing but don’t be afraid to ask for help to do it properly that in itself is a bit of magic

So Chief overall I love it, I love you and what you’ve achieved and i’m lucky because I do something I love and I love what I do so the book means a lot to me. Delivering transformation does take passion and because of you I understand what that feels like. Passion definitely comes from love and Love has always been my inspiration – can’t wait for the sequel!

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