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February 1, 2012 in NPD, PLM

Would You Live Here?

Mrs Monkey6 and I decided that the start of a new year was a perfect opportunity to move on and start looking for a new place to live. I’m an obsessive hoarder and I’d filled our little flat with stuff so it was time to move and get ourselves a house. Unfortunately, we are still a little bit away from the illusive first buy so onto the rental market we go.

So our first month of 2012 was spent scouring the internet and visiting every property that we could find that was within our price bracket. We were initially excited about our new adventure but after only a handful of viewings that started to dwindle.

It’s amazing to think that some landlords, who are so keen to keep their properties in use to cover the rent, present them in the way that they do. Over the month, we saw places that seemed so run down that it’s difficult to believe that anybody would want to live there. One place in particular was so full of polyfiller that it felt that a strong wind would have raized it to the ground. It was hard to get any other impression because the electricity had been cut off!

The one question that I kept coming back as we were being showed round by confident estate agents in sharp suits is, ‘Well, would you live here?’

Surely, a sensible landlord or agent would be thinking about who they wanted to let the property to and what would make them want to move in. As a tenant, I don’t want a fixer upper or anything that I have to do work on. I want the finished item.

After a while I was getting so frustrated that I started to ask them the question directly. In response I got, ‘We’ve had bad experiences with tenants’ or ‘It’s just had students in’ – While I’m sure that there are bad tenants out there it’s hardly surprising that their properties are damaged when they themselves obviously show no pride in the houses they manage.

The one question that I kept coming back as we were being showed round by confident estate agents in sharp suits is, ‘Well, would you live here?’

I am pleased to say that after our bad experiences, we have found a place. It’s not fussy … just clean, tidy and fully functioning. Exactly what any prospective tenant would really expect. It had only just come on the market and we were so excited that we went for it straight away and we move in three weeks.

So what’s the lesson to my rant? Thinking like your consumer is a great asset. It’s not difficult – it takes a bit of thought on what you would expect if you had to part with your hard earned cash.

Neither is it just about making a quick sale. I’m excited about our new house and I want to maintain it. And I’m the same way with the products that I buy; if I see that a brand is thinking about what I want and expect then I will stick with it.

How hard does that sound?

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