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A fishbone might save your business

I loved using Ishikawa or "Fishbone" diagrams (named after Kaoru Ishikawa who became one of the guru's of modern management in the 1960s after he pioneered the use of them in quality management processes in the Kawasaki shipyards). It was like peeling an onion, carefully taking each layer of a problem.

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In Us We Trust

There are times in life when we all need something to trust in, whether it's a repair man, an organisation or just a friend. It's the times when you need them that you go to them, but what about the journey in between when times are good?

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Benefits cap – rejected, no game changing ambition and poor ROI

Everyday we work on game changing ideas for big business. They are always for commercial gain and there to prove we are stretching beyond what exists today, taking on impossible thinking, innovating and being future facing. I'm happy to say that there has been recent energy surge for this, as if business has finally acknowledged that there is no point in waiting, being risk adverse isn't going to cut it, bring out the ballsy thinking!

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January 25, 2012 in Communication, News, PLM

lana del ray

Why is Packaging important? Ask Lana Del Rey’s record company

This week I’ve been doing some training on a PLM system and one of the areas that we cover in the course is “Why is packaging important?”

This reminded me of an article about Lana Del Rey and how some creative repackaging has changed her fortunes from a 'run of the mill' singer songwriter to an artist to watch for in 2012.

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Do you wear the horns of destiny? Gong Xi Fa Cai & Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Innovative in spirit, Monkeys get a helping hand in 2012 from the Year of the Dragon. Opportunities for growth are many and doing things for the general good of those around is recommended. Research/study and taking on activities to push their own personal growth will be on the anvil and prove exciting. With a taste for adventure and their love of partying, Monkeys will be wearing their social hats, throwing many a swanky do or taking trips around the world.

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Big Society

How can we really engage with the ‘Big Society’?

No matter how much I try to engage with it, I find it difficult to be enthusiastic about modern politics. Just reading political headlines or watching Question Time irritates me as I am faced with ‘career politicians’ who seem more interested in sniping at their opponents than anything else. If I don't believe in what they are saying, how can I engage in the 'Big Society'?

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Margaret Thatcher

Was the Iron Lady so unique no-one will follow?

Margaret Thatcher is still a polarising figure, worshipped and reviled, sometimes by the same people. People who emerge from the masses and become figures that make such a difference to the world because of their actions (good and bad) fascinate me. Why them? What did they do to get such attention and influence? Of course in reflection, was that a good thing or bad?

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